Accustomed to a regimented environment driven by a clear sense of purpose and mission, those who have served in our armed forces often don’t know what to pursue work-wise after their service ends. If you’re in your post-military years, you may be wondering what career could feel as missional, purposeful, and team-based as serving our country in the military. 

At OhioMeansJobs, we have a solution for your post-military career: the logistics sector. In this blog edition, we will explore the parallels between military work and logistics careers. Veterans, a job in logistics might be just what you’re seeking as you navigate this unknown territory! 

So what are some ways that a career in logistics can utilize skills you already possess and provide you with meaningful and important work? 

Overlapping Skill Sets First, military service and logistics sector jobs require similar skill sets. Strategic planning, supply chain management, resource allocation, and risk assessment that you have honed in your military service are prime skills in the logistics sector as well. 

Leadership and Teamwork You know from your military experience both how to lead and how to work well with others. Skills in leadership and collaboration translate seamlessly into logistics roles that require coordinating various teams, managing cross-functional projects, and optimizing processes in logistics.

Adaptability During your time serving in the military, you gained experience in dealing with changing environments, unexpected challenges, and high-pressure situations. All of these experiences make you perfectly poised to handle the dynamic nature of logistics, where adaptability is crucial. 

Problem-solving and Decision-making While in the military, you had to think critically and make informed decisions under pressure. This skill aligns with the need to troubleshoot and find solutions in time-sensitive logistics scenarios. 

Attention to Detail and PrecisionThe military’s emphasis on precision and attention to detail directly translates to maintaining accuracy in inventory management, order fulfillment, and quality control within logistics operations. 

Technology Integration Most military personnel have exposure to advanced technologies during their service. This experience positions you well to handle the technological advancements in modern logistics, such as using data analytics, automation, and AI for improved efficiency. 

For all of these parallels between military service and the logistics sector, we encourage veterans to explore the logistics sector as a viable career option. And if you’re a logistics employer, consider the benefits of hiring veterans, including a strong work ethic, discipline, loyalty, and ability to thrive in structured environments. 

Veterans, OhioMeansJobs is your compass for navigating the waters of civilian employment. Our dedicated career centers are ready to help you bridge the gap between military service and your next professional adventure. Dive into opportunities online or visit us at one of our centers today!