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The BCW/Workforce initiatives for our youth builds the capacity of communities, schools, and families to prepare all young adults ages 14-24 for the 21st century workforce. We work with community partners to develop programs, tools, linkages, and other resources needed to implement strategies that are tied to the new workforce needs of employers. It is a collaborative effort with industry to develop a highly-skilled workforce and address needs in the Ohio economic region particularly in the technology, healthcare, transportation/logistics/supply chain, and manufacturing industries.

Our Youth/Emerging Workforce Programs offer help with applying to college, training, or certification programs, obtaining a GED or high school diploma, tutoring, gas cards/transportation assistance, Internships/ paid work experience, applying to jobs and making a resume, and other services such as textbook, school supplies, technology, driver’s license/ ID, and tuition.

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Do You Answer “Yes” To Any Of These Questions?

  • Are you between 14-24 years of age?
  • Interested in making a livable wage?
  • Wanting to live independently?
  • Interested in landing a better job making more money?
  • Wanting to go to school or finish school, but need financial help?

If so, we can help!

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OhioMeansJobs is a certified One-Stop Employment & Training Center and a proud partner of the American Job Center Network. We deliver customized workforce solutions to businesses and citizens in their job search and skill enhancement.

We help you find a job, find a better job, or build a career.

OhioMeansJobs partners with local community organizations to reward students in GED classes as they improve their reading and math levels. Students who meet training goals can earn vouchers to help pay for the tests. Those who earn their GED may be eligible to receive other incentives. If you are under 24 years old and need a GED, please contact the BCW|Workforce office to see if you qualify for these special incentive-based programs. Opportunities for paid job experience while studying for the GED are also available.

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OhioMeansJobs provides assistance with resumes by offering resume development workshops, the use of the computers to create a resume and resume building software; however, we do not write or type the resume for customers. Your resume is one of the most critical pieces necessary to complete your job search. Let us help you incorporate the keywords and components needed to land that perfect job.

Students interested in career training programs that lead to good-paying jobs should apply for a WIOA grant to pay for their training. These grants can cover up to $22,000 in training costs, plus books and supplies, uniforms, travel, and childcare reimbursements. Each year, hundreds of students are selected to have 100% of their training costs covered as they work toward a community college certificate or associate degree. OhioMeansJobs also helps students with the last two years of a selection of bachelor degree programs.

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