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Maybe you’ve raised a family and now your nest is empty. Maybe you’ve worked in a physically demanding line of work that you’re not sure your body can sustain as you approach retirement age. Maybe you’ve started receiving a monthly social security amount, but it’s not enough for the lifestyle you desire and deserve. Maybe the pandemic took you out of the workforce and you just haven’t been able to figure out a way back in.

Whatever your specific circumstances, you’re not where you were before.

But what you thought might be the end was actually just an intermission.

In this new stage of life, you’re not sure what your role is, but you know you still want to be in community with others, to be serving an organization, and to be earning an income.

Your show isn’t over; it’s not too late! It’s time for your second act.

Enter Ohio’s Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP)!

We understand that you want to feel like you have a purpose that serves your community, and we are here to help you find purpose and gain skills needed for today’s workforce.

Who is eligible?

  • You are 55 or older
  • Your household annual income is not more than 125% of the federal poverty level (in 2023 for individual adults, this is $16,987; for married couples, it’s $24,650)

How Does Our Workforce Re-Entrance Program Work?

After assessing your interests and skills, we connect you to a training site in need: a non-profit, community-based, or government agency in a field that matches your interests, skills, and experience. You work at this training site in a part-time capacity (usually 18-24 hours per week), gaining experience and confidence in a position while learning basic computer skills such as:

  • Windows 10
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Email use
  • Google Docs

Additionally, you will receive one-on-one training with a coach in job-search skills so that you can find work once you have completed the program. In fact, you’ll receive your very own individualized plan to guide you to your next employment! And when you’re ready to find your next job, we provide job search support.

What Kinds Of Places Might I Work With The Program?

We partner with a variety non-profit, community-based and government agencies with positions in these areas:

  • Office administration
  • Health and social services
  • Food service
  • Customer service
  • Facility management

The Senior Services partners provide one piece of the puzzle: “work experience”.

Help Our Economy Today:

Email us or call us to find out if you’re eligible for this program, stop into one of our one-stop centers or
click below to meet with a career advisor. Even if you don’t meet the qualifications, we can still assist you in your job search.

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