As one of the fastest-growing career clusters, the logistics industry is a major driver in the United States economy. According to the BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS, which compares job-related statistics across sixteen career clusters nationwide, the logistics sector had the sixth most job openings between 2012 and 2022, coming in after only these sectors: hospitality/tourism, business management and administration, marketing, health sciences, and architecture/construction.

In the state of Ohio, jobs in the logistics/transportation industry rank even higher: 5th on Ohio’s “Top Jobs” list. And, with the continued rise of e-commerce in the post-Covid years, the industry responsible for getting goods from manufacturer to warehouse to consumers is sure to trend upward for years to come.

Of course, jobs drive economic growth, and according to,
logistics services added about $17.38 billion to Ohio’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2017. Also according to this report, about 4.3 percent of the national logistics services came from Ohio, which is a full percent above the 3.3 percent of total U.S. GDP originating here, indicating the industry’s overall concentration in Ohio. In short, the logistics sector in Ohio is booming.

Ohio has the workforce to fill the many logistics jobs in the state

One reason fulfillment centers, company headquarters, and logistics businesses choose Ohio and why we have air cargo terminals for both UPS and FedEx in the state is that, according to a article from 2016 about why Ohio is becoming an e-commerce capital, we have a culture in Ohio that supports warehouse jobs. This is because historically, many of Ohio’s citizens have had careers in warehouse work.

In addition, we have a skilled and talented workforce in Ohio to support the many jobs in the logistics industry (many of which we highlighted in this most recent article.) Ohio’s numerous colleges and universities are actively investing in certificate and degree programs focused on supply chain and logistics. Some of these initiatives are supported by federal grant funding, demonstrating a commitment to retaining these jobs within the state’s boundaries.

From warehousing managers and workers to truck drivers to last-mile delivery people and beyond, it’s easy to see that Ohio is the place to be for a career in logistics! While many positions require no certification or college degree, it’s good to know that options exist for both certification and degree programs. Such programs enable workers to not only be part of a main contributor of Ohio’s economy but will allow workers to improve their personal economy.

Logistics Industry Concentration in Ohio

What makes Ohio an ideal place for jobs in the logistics industry? The CNBC article notes that “Ohio is home to 6,735 total interstate lane miles, according to the Ohio Department of Transportation, including I-75, I-71, I-77, I-70, and I-80. While trucks are certainly a key vehicle for transporting goods, the Buckeye State also has 13 intermodal railroad terminals and 5,200 miles of rail lines.”

Ohio serves as a prominent hub for companies involved in global goods transportation, benefiting from its convenient accessibility to a significant portion of the U.S. and Canada. In fact, it is strategically located within a one-day driving distance from 60% of the populations of these two countries. With excellent connectivity options by air, rail, and road, major cities like Chicago, New York City, and Toronto are easily reachable.

Furthermore, Ohio’s north coast along Lake Erie hosts a robust and efficient shipping service, connecting the Industrial Midwest, the Port of Toledo, and the Great Lakes region to Europe. As a leader in trucking and warehousing, Ohio offers a valuable location for storing and transporting goods. All of this contributes to Ohio’s significance in the logistics industry.

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