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Logistics 101 | Stable, well-paying, in-demand field for you


Do you long for a stable, well-paying and in-demand job that will ensure a secure future for you and your family? We know that in the midst of going to your current job each day or in the process of looking for work that it is difficult to determine a field that will satisfy all these needs on your own. OhioMeansJobs is here for you to help pave the way. We will be highlighting some opportunities for Ohioans right here on our quarterly blog. Our current focus is the logistics industry. Not sure what that encompasses? Think about all the goods [...]

Logistics 101 | Stable, well-paying, in-demand field for you2023-03-13T04:31:14-04:00

Special COVID-19 Notice: BCW|Workforce Operations


Last Updated: October 25, 2020 Ohio COVID-19 Risk-Level Guidance for the Public Governor DeWine announced that going forward, Ohio will maintain vital, necessary baseline orders to control the spread of COVID-19 while also implementing a new alert system. The Ohio Public Health Advisory System will provide local health departments and community leaders data and information to combat flare-ups as they occur in different parts of the state. The system consists of four levels that provide Ohioans with guidance as to the severity of the problem in the counties in which they live. For more information Click Here [...]

Special COVID-19 Notice: BCW|Workforce Operations2020-10-29T09:53:13-04:00
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